FEM is a company specialized in the manufacture and application of explosives for commercial purposes. The major focus of our company is the satisfaction of our customers, applying for this purpose the most advanced manufacturing processes and a focus on training of our employees. The Quality control is done at every step of our process chain, to ensure your satisfaction.
The head office is in Maputo Province (Matola), and has delegations in Tete, Sofala and Nampula pronvinces. FEM is currently represented in the following countries: Mozambique, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Malawi.


Fábrica de Explosivos de Moçambique, Lda is mozambican company founded in 1955. Since the beginning it has been the main responsible for manufacturing and supplying the mozanbican explosives market. Since the year 2000, it is under a new administration, which boosted the company, becoming a reference in the southern part of Africa. Recently, expanded to international markets, by creating subsidiary companies in Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and commercial agreements in Malawi.


Using the most advanced technologies and techniques we look to achieve excellence in our products towards the satisfaction of our clients.


Using the most advanced technologies and techniques we look to achieve excellence in our products towards the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Environment

    Fábrica de Explosivos Moçambique understands the importance of the environment for life and for the natural balance of the planet. Accordingly, during the manufacturing process, implements in a rational manner the following trinomial – reduce, reuse
    and recycle the produced waste. The manufacturing processes were designed to optimize the use of resources by avoiding unnecessary use of them, thus reducing the wastage of raw materials. The rationalization of energy consumption, the preservation of resources
    such as water, air, land, biodiversity and respect for local communities are points of analysis and daily concern.

  • Quality

    Fábrica de Explosivos Moçambique is aware of the need to address the human resources available to achieve a better productivity. It is in this sense that the company has focused on continuous monitoring of changes. Keep an update on new technics and practices and train its senior management are immediately measures integrated into development policy of
    the company. Training is also, when requested, provided to all staff or organizations who direct or indirectly deal with explosive material, thereby to ensure better security and increased productivity. The Explosives Factory of Mozambique primarily seeks progress and ongoing customer satisfaction. For this, is based on an efficient organization and strict control processes.
    These Quality Control processes are carried out by properly qualified and accredited technicians, offering a wide range of appropriate equipment.

  • Security

    Aware that the manufacture of explosives is an activity that requires high standards of control, the Fábrica de Explosivos Mozambique directed its strategy for progressive improvement,
    skill development of their employees focusing constantly on their training and qualification, profitability of resources based on the most up to date technology, never losing its highest
    point – safety. Safety is the focal point throughout the production process, and in the existing manufacturing lines. Leading companies in the construction and mining areas find in our products the necessary reliability to carry out high risk works. We comply extensively with all the requirements for the handling of explosives, operating with an extensive fleet of vehicles.


  • Continuous search for upgrading and innovation;
  • Establishment of partnerships that allow us to diversify our offer;
  • Increase our production capacity;
  • Privilege for skilled labor job;
  • Search for new range of products;


  • Safety;
  • Integrity;
  • Honesty;
  • Proactivity;
  • Training;
  • Inovation;
  • Promotion know-how.